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All drivers in Georgia are required to have car insurance for vehicles registered in the state. It’s important to know the basics of the state’s car insurance requirements to avoid fines and penalties, stay safe on the road, and find the right coverage for you. Below is a brief discussion regarding Georgia car insurance and driver safety.

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The average cost of car insurance in Georgia

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) claims that the average person pays roughly $800.58 for car insurance in Georgia each year.

They broke this figure down to:

$485.40 is the average annual liability insurance expenditure.

$313.28 is the average annual collision insurance expenditure.

$150.65 is the average annual comprehensive insurance expenditure.

Young Drivers in Georgia

The level of coverage Georgia car insurance policy holders have significantly influences their premiums. Our study found that young drivers in the state have an average expenditure ranging from the following:

  • $1228 for state minimum coverage
  • $2176.4 for basic full coverage
  • $2975.2 for premium full coverage

Auto insurance costs also vary depending on the specific city a young driver lives. In GA, the city with the lowest premiums for drivers aged 20 and below is Athens, with an estimated population of 122,604 (2015, latest data). Take the time to compare, and you can even find a $46/month/policy on average.

Female Drivers in Georgia

Using the data we have on a 35-year-old female driver, we found out that women in GA spend far less on their premiums than young drivers. According to our case study, female drivers can expect to pay an average of:

  • $602 for state minimum coverage
  • $1053.6 for basic full coverage
  • $1469.2 for premium full coverage

Individual quotes will still depend on your exact location, driving history, and claims record among several other variables. You will learn more about the methodology we used below.

Senior Drivers in Georgia

In our case study, we used a 68-year-old male driver with 45 years of driving experience. In Georgia, senior drivers with this length of driving experience can expect to pay an average of:

  • $577.2 for state minimum coverage
  • $1004 for basic full coverage
  • $1394.8 for premium full coverage

Motorists aged 65 and above, although they have lower costs than females and young drivers in GA, can still do several things to further cut back on their insurance expenses. Maintaining a spotless driving record and regularly checking different insurance rates online are two of these money-saving strategies.

Minimum car insurance requirements

Liability insurance is required for all cars registered in Georgia. In fact, you must have proof of this insurance to register your car in the first place.

Georgia’s laws set minimum coverage requirements for liability insurance at $25,000/$50,000 for bodily injury/death and $25,000 for property damage.

However, it’s always a smart idea to look at options for extended coverage. The most popular include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical and funeral services coverage, uninsured driver coverage, and rental car coverage.

One difference between Georgia’s car insurance laws and those of most other states is that you’re not required to carry proof of insurance with you. Instead, police officers are able to run your information online to electronically verify that you have the minimum required liability insurance.

It’s also important to note that Georgia is not a no-fault state. Your insurance provider isn’t required to pay for damages caused in an accident unless it’s proven that you were the cause of it.

Violations and Penalties 

Georgia’s laws regarding car insurance are quite strict.

Get caught driving without insurance and you’ll face at least a 60-day suspension of your driver’s license and registration. A $25 relapse fee and a $60 reinstatement fee are required to get your license back.

Get caught driving without insurance for a second time and you’ll face a 90-day suspension of your driver’s license and registration. You’ll have to pay another $25 relapse fee and $60 reinstatement fee.

All subsequent offenses result in a 6-month suspension of your driver’s license and registration as well as a $25 relapse fee and $160 reinstatement fee.

It’s also possible that you’ll receive up to one year of jail time for driving without car insurance. This penalty is usually reserved for those caught without insurance in the event of an accident rather than a traffic stop.

Driving safety in Georgia

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 92% of drivers and front-seat passengers in Georgia wear seatbelts. This is compared to the national average of 86%.

The National Highway Safety Administration explores driving safety in Georgia further with a study that shows that 366 out of 1,430 total driving fatalities in the state were caused by alcohol-impaired driving. That’s 26% of the total.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also lists the total vehicle occupant death rate in Georgia as 8.5 per 100,000 residents.

Final thoughts

Liability car insurance with coverage at set minimums is required by law for all drivers in Georgia. But it’s a smart idea to consider extended coverage to further protect yourself financially.

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