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Last Updated on September 29, 2020 by Andrew Lee

Although you don’t have to present proof of insurance when registering your car in the State of Mississippi, the laws still require you to purchase coverage. In other words, you can only legally drive upon securing an insurance policy.

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When you don’t, you can face severe penalties. Add to that the fact that you would have to pay for medical or property damage expenses in the event that you cause a road accident.

The average cost of car insurance in Mississippi

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) claims that the average person pays roughly $768.20 for car insurance in Mississippi each year.

They broke this figure down to:

$434.88 is the average annual liability insurance expenditure.

$299.27 is the average annual collision insurance expenditure.

$190.98is the average annual comprehensive insurance expenditure.

Young Drivers in Mississippi

The amount of coverage considerably impacts premiums. With our case study’s methodology, we discovered that a young driver in the Magnolia State can have the following yearly averages:

  • $1256.8 for state minimum coverage
  • $2243.2 for basic full coverage
  • $3184.8 for premium full coverage

Car insurance costs still vary because of the wide array of factors insurers take into consideration. In general though, because statistics have consistently shown teen drivers have the highest risk of getting into accidents and causing them, this group of individuals pays a lot more than older motorists.

Female Drivers in Mississippi

A female driver can expect the following yearly premium averages:

  • $651.2 for state minimum coverage
  • $1153.2 for basic full coverage
  • $1668.8 for premium full coverage

The bigger the city you live in, the better premiums you’ll have. Ranking as the sixth-largest in the state, Meridian City, with an estimated population of 39,661 (2015, latest data), still offers possibly the lowest rates. Women living here can have insurance for as low as $42 a month.

Senior Drivers in Mississippi

Older adults can expect to pay an average of:

  • $617.2 for state minimum coverage
  • $1063.6 for basic full coverage
  • $1516 for premium full coverage

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways senior citizens can reduce their expenses. The tight competition has resulted in insurance companies offering various age-specific discounts.

Minimum car insurance requirements

You only need to have a sufficient amount of liability insurance coverage in order to satisfy the motor vehicle insurance requirements in MS. This already provides you with coverage for bodily injury and property damage you have caused other people after an accident you are at-fault of.

You need to make sure that your policy has the following minimum coverage amounts: $25,000 for bodily injury/per person; $50,000 for bodily injury/per accident; $25,000 for property damage/accident.

Because the State of Mississippi only requires liability insurance, you should think of investing in a more robust policy. MS auto insurance companies offer many other types of coverage, including collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, uninsured/underinsured coverage, medical payments insurance, rental car coverage, loan/lease gap insurance, as well as roadside assistance and towing coverage.

Also, take note that most vehicle lending/leasing companies require their clients to purchase both collision and comprehensive insurance as part of their financing terms and agreements.

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Violations and penalties 

Despite the fact that the state requires every car owner to have auto insurance, many residents still drive illegally without it. You should, at all costs, refrain from doing so.

When the authorities catch you operating a motor vehicle without the mandated coverage, they will charge you a fine of up to $500. This will go down to $100 in the event that you purchase a policy before your hearing. Suspension of your license will also take place – up to a year or unless you show proof of insurance.

Driving safety in Mississippi

Mississippi, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports, has a lower (83%) than the national average percentage of drivers and front-seat passengers who wear seatbelts (86%).

The National Highway Safety Administration conducted a 2015 study assessing the number of driving fatalities in the country. MS had 677 cases, 175 of which (26%) were due to alcohol-impaired driving.

The CDC has then rated the total vehicle occupant death rate in the state at 16.0 per 100,000 residents.

Final thoughts

Every time you operate your motor vehicle even though you do not have a Mississippi car insurance policy, you put yourself and a lot of other people at risk. Not only are you blatantly disobeying the state’s rules and regulations; you may also find yourself in a serious financial pinch when you cause a road traffic accident that results in personal injuries, injury to other people, or property damage.

Source: StatistaInsurance Information Institute