Missouri Car Insurance

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In the State of Missouri, all owners and operators of a motor vehicle need to have a car insurance policy before they can lawfully use it. Under the state laws, these individuals have to purchase liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage with certain minimum coverage amounts.

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You need to arm yourself with the facts on how Missouri car insurance works, not only for you to remain on good terms with the law, but also to ensure you keep yourself protected against violations, penalties, and legal liabilities.

The average cost of car insurance in Missouri

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) claims that the average person pays roughly $704.22 for car insurance in Missouri each year.

They broke this figure down to:

$399.08 is the average annual liability insurance expenditure.

$257.09 is the average annual collision insurance expenditure.

$163.62 is the average annual comprehensive insurance expenditure.

Young Drivers in Missouri

A young driver in MS can expect to pay an annual average of:

  • $499.2 for state minimum coverage
  • $1138 for basic full coverage
  • $1778.8 for premium full coverage

The many different factors car insurance companies consider can still result in lower (or higher) expenditures. However, motorists belonging in this category will still pay more than their female and senior peers. This is because statistically, their lack of experience puts them at a higher risk of causing road traffic accidents.

Female Drivers in Missouri

We found that a female driver can have the following yearly premium averages:

  • $460.8 for state minimum coverage
  • $1024.4 for basic full coverage
  • $1585.2 for premium full coverage

Gender is one of the biggest determiners of auto insurance costs. Because statistically, women choose vehicles with safety in mind, insurers tend to regard them as lower-risk drivers. The lower the risk, the better the premiums.

Senior Drivers in Missouri

Our case study also discovered that motorists belonging in the older adult population can pay less than their young and female counterparts. A senior driver can expect to have a yearly premium average of:

  • $1019.2 for state minimum coverage
  • $2249.2 for basic full coverage
  • $3393.2 for premium full coverage

In general, the bigger the city, the better the premiums. Columbia and Moberly offer some of the lowest monthly premiums. With estimated populations of 119,108 and 13,919 (2015, latest data) respectively, residents here can spend as little as $22 and still have adequate coverage.

Minimum car insurance requirements

As a resident of and a car owner in Missouri, you need to always have a sufficient amount of liability coverage and uninsured motorist coverage.

As long as you have liability insurance coverage, it will help you remain protected from out of pocket expenses in the event that you cause a traffic accident that results in someone (or several people) sustaining injuries or having their property damaged. Make sure though that you meet the minimum coverage, which includes $25,000/person for bodily injury, $50,000/per accident for total bodily injuries (in case several individuals get involved in the accident), and $10,000/accident for property damage.

As for the uninsured motorist coverage part of your policy, you should purchase and maintain the same minimum amount as those listed above for liability insurance.

Aside from these two mandated auto insurance coverage types, you have several other to choose from. These include collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, medical payments insurance, rental car reimbursement insurance, and emergency roadside service/assistance coverage.

Violations and penalties 

Operating a motor vehicle in Missouri without the required insurance can leave you in a serious financial pinch, as you would have to pay up quite the expensive fine.

With the state having strict laws, even first-time offenders would have to pay a fine of up to $300. In the event that you get caught violating these laws, you can expect to have your license suspended until the time you produce proof you already have purchased the required policy. A $20 reinstatement fee also applies. The authorities may also suspend your registration.

For second and subsequent offenses within a two-year duration, the same fine applies. However, the penalty also includes a 90-day license suspension, plus a $200 reinstatement fee. Suspension of registration also comes along with the suspension of your license. The scariest penalty here is jail time of up to 15 days.
For two or more offenses throughout the duration of your life as a motorist, almost all of the above-mentioned penalties apply, except that the license suspension will take up to a year. To have it reinstated, you would have to spend $400.

Driving safety in Missouri

In Missouri, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 79% of all motorists and front-seat passengers wear seatbelts, as opposed to the 86% national average.

The National Highway Safety Administration also gave concerning details about driving fatalities in the state in 2015. The organization reported a total of 869 cases, 224 (26%) of them resulted in alcohol-impaired driving.

This makes the overall vehicle occupant death rate in the state at 10.2 per 100,000 residents, as CDC further revealed.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it is definitely fearsome to operate a car without insurance in Missouri. So you shouldn’t risk it. Invest in a quality and robust policy to avoid having to deal with all these unnecessary expenses.

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