Does Home Insurance Cover Insulation?

So does your home insurance cover the cost to repair insulation? Well, the answer will depend on the cause of the insulation damage. Homeowners insurance covers some perils while leaving out the other types of incidents.

When it comes to maintaining a home, there are a lot of pitfalls to consider. One of the biggest areas of concern is what the external elements can do to cause noticeable damage to the inside of the home. These external concerns could be a leak in the roof, moisture, and even mold growing within the insulation. When these types of repairs are needed and are ignored, they lead to bigger and bigger repairs, costing you more money.

Before discussing what is covered, you’ll need to make sure that your routine home maintenance includes not just the regular cleaning and upkeep, but also taking note of where repairs need to be made and making those repairs as soon as possible.

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When Is Insulation Covered by Home Insurance and When Is It Not?

The reason for discussing maintenance is because this regular maintenance could be the difference between repairs to your home being covered by your home insurance or the cost of repairs coming out of your pocket. 

When a leak develops on your roof and you don’t take note of it, the damage that may result as that leak develops will most likely not be covered. The reason that roof leaks are not usually covered by home insurance is due to the fact that taking care of your roof is part of the maintenance and upkeep that comes with owning a home. 

Despite these factors, there are situations in which your insulation repairs may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. In the case of a storm is the cause of a roof leak and, in turn, insulation damage or mold growth, your insurance may cover these damages. The same can be said of a storm that included hail. If this hail hit the roof repeatedly during a storm causing weaknesses in the shingles and roof leaks, that damage to insulation will most likely also be covered. 

The running theme here is that if the damage to your insulation was caused by an incident that you could not have feasibly prevented by performing routine maintenance, then the damage will most likely be covered by your home insurance policy. There are many, many more reasons why your insulation may come to be damaged such as falling objects, vandalism, winter storms, massive windstorms, and so much more but that all depends on the fine print of your policy.

Loose Ends

To be sure that you have done everything you can to keep your home repairs covered by insurance, you’ll need to be sure to keep in touch with your insurer. In the case of roof leaks, you’ll need to call your insurer and have them inspect your roofing to attempt to conclude how it occurred and to determine the best route to take to get it taken care of. As always, as soon as you spot damage, get in contact with your insurer and take care of the leak before it causes more issues.

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