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Although you want to get life insurance at an earlier age, say in your 30s, or even while you’re still in your 20s, you shouldn’t just jump at the first offer. One good reason is that there are several pre-buying strategies that can help you reduce its overall cost. For instance, there are a number of lifestyle changes you can make that may warrant lower rates. Buying life cover also requires planning, since you want to make sure you establish the right amount of coverage your loved ones need, and how much your budget can afford. These two play a significant role in your expenditures. To give you some idea of how much this type of insurance product costs in Austin, Texas, check out the tables below.

Estimated Monthly Premiums
Austin, TX 78701
Policy: $200K
Duration: 30 Years

Age & Gender Smokers  Non-Smokers
 30 Yr Old Male  $55.65 – $91.53 $19.17 – $45.45
45 Yr Old Male $167.65 – $230.87 $39.36 – $125.94
 30 Yr Old Female $40.42 – $72.88 $16.35 – $35.34
 45 Yr Old Female $117.34 – $176.49 $30.89 – $82.53


Age remains the number one factor insurance companies take into consideration when calculating rates. The more years you have to enjoy in your lifetime, the better your premiums. In other words, when you buy at a younger age, you have more chances of finding a policy that you can easily fit in your budget.

Reducing the term but buying a bigger coverage

If you’re in the market for a bigger policy value, for example, $500,000, but would only like to keep your policy for 20 years, you’re looking at premiums that may fall in the following ranges:

Estimated Monthly Premiums
Austin, TX 78701
Policy: $500K
Duration: 20 Years

Age & Gender Smokers  Non-Smokers
 30 Yr Old Male  $72.62 – $133 $20.36 – $58.05
45 Yr Old Male $213.94 – $430.30 $50.06 – $138.95
 30 Yr Old Female $59.50 – $115.40 $17.93 – $44.90
 45 Yr Old Female $154.32 – $296 $39.48 – $116.10


Since you increased the death benefit but shortened the amount of time you’ll pay for it, your premiums will go up slightly. Non-smoking men in their 20s or 30s will pay a monthly average of around $40, while those under the “establish adults” group will pay about $55 more. For the younger female group, non-smokers will pay an average of just a little more than $31 on a monthly basis; while the older group will spend $47 more.

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Aside from giving you the chance to trim your life insurance expenses, buying early also considerably reduces financial-related risks. Just don’t forget to check the licensure of the company you’ll purchase the policy from, which you can ask the Texas Department of Insurance to confirm for you.